What Android Phone Supports Infrastructure WiFi Connections?

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    Anyone know? I really like my Droid X but it only supports Ad Hoc and this doesnt connect to a certain device I need it to. Please let me know, I am due for an upgrade and I want to make sure I get the right phone that does what I need it to.

    Thank you.
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    Acer A500 AdHoc WiFi support.
    Use Gingerbreak 2.2 to root. (easy )

    get adb as part of android development kit. You can use a terminal emulator on the device itself, just harder to type.
    - Acer USB driver needed for adb to work
    Place new wpa_supplicant in sdcard/download directory - search
    "Got Ad-hoc wifi working on my Xoom! (binaries inside)" to find it.
    Short usb cable needed. Long one had issues.
    set debug mode to on - tablet settings->applications.
    on pc - via cmd shell , change to directory where adb is located.
    on pc - adb devices (confirm one is listed)
    on PC - adb shell (adb remount did not work for me, or use a Terminal emulator (free) from the the market)
    su ( should see # as prompt after success)
    mount -o rw,remount /system
    cd /system
    chmod 775 bin
    cd bin
    cat wpa_supplicant > wpa_supplicant.old
    ls ( make sure copy exists)
    cat /sdcard/download/wpa_supplicant > /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    ls –a –l (make sure overwritten)
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant ( make it executable)
    chown system.wifi /system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf (not sure if needed)
    mount -o ro,remount /system
    press ctrl-c (exit adb shell)
    unplug usb
    reboot tablet
    restart start phone – ( my Huawei 8100 needs this if its been on for a while)
    on tablet go to wifi setup - (as normal)

    Thanks and Regards.
    Derren Brown
    General transcription
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    @Darren, he has Ad Hoc available on the X already.
    @live2ride090, I don't know if any of the phones will give you a "true" WiFi infrastructure, even if you are using the official hotspot app. I'm sure someone with more experience than me will chime in though.
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