What a nightmare :( still sticking with TB though

Discussion in 'HTC ThunderBolt' started by turdbogls, Jul 11, 2011.

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    OK, got my TB about a month ago, worked great for about 4 days...absolutely loved it.
    data started to drop out
    flashed MR2, no fix
    rooted and ROM'd - no fix
    returned to stock- no fix
    new sim Card - no fix
    new phone- FIX
    worked great for 2 days
    went to root it - auto root process failed while pushing RUU, so root failed S-ON and all that stuff.
    immediatly lost 4G and had terrible reboots after the failed Root (rooted successfully using same files from before)
    went to Michigan in a 3G area - all was well
    Reboots and no data in 4G area
    when data is on i get 4G icon, but no data downloading and no sending/rec calls/texts
    if i turn data off, i can send/rec calls/texts, but when i hang up on someone, is says "call ended" but status bar still shows a call and glows green and i can hear them on the other end still
    rebooting phone makes data work for roughly 2 minutes, then it stops (still have 4G icon tho)
    i have the latest OTA - no fix
    new sim card- no fix
    2 hours at VZW store - no fix
    VZW sending me a new TB. got offered a revolution or a charge. still want my TB b/c it is simply a better phone when it works.
    hopefully the new TB will work fine, it is going to stay stock this time and see if i have any more issues

    love this phone, but it is driving me CRAZY
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    Hey, when verizon sends you the replacement phone 1.Do you have to return your old one and 2.Does your upgrade eligibility date resets itself? I got a droid X sent to me to resolve the reboots issue and I didn't have to send my phone in but I just checked my account and my upgrade date has been reset. Curious if I should call verizon.
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    That's a pretty crazy story, I've been through 2 others before my current one, and so far I've had this baby for around 2 months now? But it's been working pretty good so no complains thus far. Honestly the only thing that turns me off about the phone is its shape...I like square-ish phones lol

    Yea, you have to send in the old one back. You can switch the batteries around if you want/need, but you do have to send back the phone.