Well, now I've done it....

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    While trying to flash some themes that were not made for my ROM version, I thought this time I really broke my phone. I always use Clockwork with ROM Manager, but someone in the thread about the theme said that they had to use SPRspr, clockwork wouldn't work. So I flashed SPR through ROM Manager, and like the dumby I was, didn't make a nandroid back up in spr. (Always made a backup in clockwork) Well, my phone got stuck in boot loops:icon_evil: no matter what I tried to do...so I hopped in trusty ole' DroidForums.net and did some searching, played around with SPR myself, and figured it out on my own!!dancedroid

    I didn't clog up the forum with "How do I..." when I knew the answer was staring me in the face, I just sat there and figured it out on my own. (Of course now I am clogging up the forum!) But I just wanted noob's to know, the answer is out there...and with a little patience you can learn on your own how to get out of sticky situations!!

    But thanks to everyone on this forum!! Without you I would still be stuck in a bootloop!:icon_ banana:

    (and if this is in the wrong subforum, feel free to move it mods...I apologize.)