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    After being annoyed daily with ICS update reuests and living in fear of the 55 pending Application update requests on
    my RAZR, I finally did it. I updated to ICS. I did not want to apply any app updates until after the ICS one, maybe it was
    just a throw back to my experiences on unix systems, but it just seemed like a bad idea to apply any app updates that
    occurred around the same time as the ICS drop until after ICS was loaded. The thing is, this special section of the
    forum had me totally fearful of the upgrade. I did not want to have to set defaults, back up restore or anything like

    Here is what I did, and it worked for me. ymmv
    *note: in case it matters, I'll just state that I do not keep apps on the SD card

    1)Did not apply any app updates from just before the ics drop, disabled all smart actions
    2)Charged the phone.
    3)removed the sd card
    4)power off, battery pull sequence
    5)applied the ICS update
    6)power off, battery pull sequence
    7)Applied all native razr app updates and VZ app updates.
    8)power off, battery pull sequence
    9)applied all the app updates for my favorite frequently used apps
    10)power off, battery pull sequence
    11)still had 25 or so updates to do at this point, but figured I'd start training the battery as it was draining fast.
    12)let it drain to 15%, charged; repeated twice (took 2 days of normal use)
    13)applied the rest of my updates except the youtube app, but only because I heard bad things about the changes

    Net of it is, the phone is charging great and holding a charge.
    The webtop app is a lot different, not perfect; but seems to be an improvement.
    All my key apps I used for work still work, anyconnect, K9, foxfi, Caldav, the webtop browser and Jabiru.
    I'm back to 50% battery after 18 hours (normal razr non-maxx).

    All I really miss is the native task manager, downloaded "Advanced Task Manager" and I don't like it as much
    as the original.
    I had to fiddle with CalDav to get it working again, but it works.
    Battery report seems inaccurate, shows usage from Display when I know the battery is
    getting drained by apps I'm running (like when I run Jabiru over 4g) it drains faster. It's
    not the display.
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    Here's the link to apply the .215 leak. This is official motorola software. Perfectly safe.
    What it is: the latest ICS "patch-in-progress". What it does for you is improve battery life and makes ICS a little snappier.
    Pretty much all that have tried it on this forum found it to be an improvement.
    Try it. I think it'll help you to better enjoy your upgraded phone :)
    Oh....if you are not rooted you use " course 1"
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