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    Welcome to Droid Forums a forum dedicated to providing an atmosphere to learn and discuss android devices. We are glad to have each and every member and hope we can provide you with a family friendly community. We believe you made a good choice and purchasing an android device and we would like to provide you with some knowledge about the device. Another part of the android experience is root. Now root gives the user full administrative control of their device and this control can provide an exciting experience. But rooting is not the end all solution and is not required to enjoy your device. In fact it is recommended that the user learn and enjoy the android experience out of the box because android provides the ability to customize with out needing to root. Apps like Launcher pro and ADW help provide the user with the ability to add extra home screens and tweak the look and feel of the home screen. We highly recommend that users NEVER root to fix a problem with a phone that you just purchased. If you purchased a phone and it is having issues that can not be fixed with a factory reset the device should be returned to the carrier or where you purchased it. As a user who is rooted I can attest to using root permissions for 3 primary apps, the rest of my customization is a result of launcher pro, a few key widgets, and handcent.

    If you are interested in rooting please see this thread to understand what root is and the risk that are involved with the process:

    So enjoy the rich experience provided with the Android operating system:
Thread Status:
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