"Welcome to Doid" won't activate

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    I'm new to this forum. I've had my Moto Droid since February and finally decided to join the hacking clan.

    I rooted my phone using the appropriate instructions and loaded a Saphire 2.2 ROM. Everything seemed normal. I then added ROM Manager (paid). and it showed there was a Saphire update. I also added Titanium Backup to keep a backup of my apps. When I tried to update the Saphire ROM using ROM Manager, it appeared to work. But, the "Welcome to Droid" icon does not move to the log-on window when I touch it on the screen. It does turn white, but nothing else happens.

    I tried recovery with several prior backups and get the same result. What can I do or try. My only access into the phone is to boot into recovery. Please help.
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