Weird Telus SGH-i747m Phone/Battery Issue. Need Help or Advice

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    Hello all,
    I recently acquired a Samsung galaxy S3 on the Telus network in Canada and have a very strange battery life/percent issue. The issue is that the battery level according to the phone keeps fluctuating greatly throughout the day. From a full charge while plugged in, the battery tends to drop immediately to 0% roughly 5 minutes after being unplugged and the phone shuts down. At this point restarting the phone shows the battery level anywhere from 40-80% and this drops rapidly to roughly 2% at which point the phone slowly counts up to about 30-40% (unplugged) then back down to 2%, and then back upto 30-40%(unplugged). This back and forth continues until I either recharge phone or restart phone. Restarting the phone usually shows actual battery life briefly until it instantly drops back to 0% and then resumes the up and down. The battery is definitely new from Samsung and tested working properly in three other galaxy s3s, and conversely those Samsung s3 batteries do the up and down in my galaxy... so it is definitely the phone and not the batteries. I have reflashed stock and modified firmwares/Roms, factory resets including wiping cache following, and leaving battery out of phone overnight to let device components discharge completely but the issue still prevails. The phone is out of warranty, so I am willing to try a lot of things... Any help or advice is gladly and greatly appreciated to solve this problem.

    I have attached photos of the battery life according to phone, *NOTICE* never once did I charge the phone ><

    Thanks in advance
    Shubob 2013_09_16_21.06.48.jpg 2013_09_16_21.07.03.jpg
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