weird issues with texting now...

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    Okay i dont know what was wrong with my text input just now (i seem to have resolved it) but when i hit alt, it would lock the alt functuion, without having to press alt twice. Then i press it again, and it locks it like i had pressed it the second time. i killed handcent (cuz it worked fine with stock msg app) and it didnt fix it, then i reboot my phone, and it didnt fix it, then all of a sudden it stopped acting up. Any idea what just happened?

    EDIT: happened again, and i think i figured it out. what really happens, is it swaps the keys. When in regular typing, handcent treats input as though ALT is on, and when alt is on, it treats is as it is off.. I think it has to do with the apollo task killer i installed from the other thread. Just a little FYI, im gonna uninstall that ATK and see if handcent stops acting up.
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