Weird behavior using Clockwork ROM Manager to flash

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    Hey all - kinda new but I've spent hours reading, and I'm seeing some strange behavior when flashing recoveries using ClockworkMod ROM Manager.

    I used ClockworkMod ROM Manager to flash ClockworkMod Recovery and it went fine. After flashing, I reboot holding X and I see the CW recovery screen, great. If I reboot from there and come all the way up into Android, and then reboot a second time holding X, I get the stock recovery. The important part here is that after flashing, I can get into CW recovery fine, but after I bring up Android and go past the recovery screen, I can't get back to recovery unless I reflash. I also have the same issue when using CW ROM Manager to flash SPRecovery.

    Any ideas?

    I'm on Droid 1, un-rooted FRG01B installed manually, rooted w/ EasyRoot, and CW Rom Manager has SU access.

    Thanks in advance.

    UPDATE: I know, I should just man up and flash using RSD Lite and an SPRecovery .sbf
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