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    I've been using the Lapdock 500 since I picked up my Razr Maxx. It's really a genius product epsecially when you pair it with a wireless mouse like the Logitech M510 ($20) which allows forward and back buttons while browsing. Actually I don't think the Lapdock 500 is any good without that mouse, the track pad is lacking. Rather than having a desktop charging dock I instead charge the Maxx on the lapdock. I have unlimited data so using NetFlix on a 15" screen with an extra 7 hours of battery power is brilliant. Believe it or not I barely use my Galax Tab (wifi) anymore since the Lapdock 500 is so light weight. Paired with my LG tone bt headphones that easily last 10 hours this might well be the perfect mobility set up.

    So as it turns out Google killed webtop on the Maxx HD. Which means I won't be upgrading early and its pushed me closer to opting for the Galaxy Note2, which I'll have to pay full price for since Verizon is getting rid of subsidies on unlimited plans. I think if I'm going to cough up $700 or $800 I'd rather have a 5.5" screen. The Razr Maxx at $800 is already the most expensive 4G phone Android or IOS, $100 more than the original Galaxy Note. 2100 mAh battery would be a downgrad but seems good enough.

    Question is can webtop be transplanted to the Razr Maxx HD? These updates like JB are nice but I'd rather have the practical functionality of a 15" screen that takes away the need to hotspot or tether entirely.
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