WebSharing 1.6.0.beta1 Available, Droid Incredible Support, DOWNLOAD HERE

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    Hello all,

    After picking up the Incredible on Tuesday, I finally have a beta release of WebSharing available which supports it.

    New features for Droid Incredible (these features will not appear on other phones):

    - In the web app, a drop down menu toward the upper-left of the screen will allow you to select whether you are operating on the SD card or internal phone storage.

    - When you're using WebDAV (must be turned on in settings), the root shared directory will now contain two folders, "InternalStorage" and "MediaCard" rather than simply "Files".

    This is a full-feature release, but it EXPIRES on May 23, 2010. Please report any bugs ASAP. This release will work on all Phones with at least Android 1.5, including QVGA devices.

    Please note that video thumbnails DO NOT work and will not work for the forseeable future for the internal phone storage. There is no non-hidden API which exists to retrieve such images. The on-phone video browser uses the hidden API. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to workaround this, short of really stupid and dangerous hacks, and even those might not work.

    This release also doesn't support in-browser video playback for any devices. This will be corrected in the released version. I don't believe Droid Incredible videos will be playable though, as HTC phones tend to use an audio codec (AMR) which is not supported by Adobe Flash.

    The current 1.5.2 released versions will also work on the Incredible, but they'll be limited to only the SD Card.

    I'd like to stress again:

    The 1.6.0 beta1 (R30) release can be found here:

    Again, it expires on 5/23.
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