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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid' started by Rei, Apr 1, 2010.

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    Hi; Droid newbie here. I posted a question a week ago asking for help on choosing a phone. Reluctantly I ended up paying for a Motorola Droid because it looks like the only good service provider in the area is Verizon (I'm both cheap and hate being bundled into a contract, so it was a double-whammy for me -- but anyway...).

    Anyway, after a lot of initial frustration, most things seem to be going well so far. The only real problem I'm having currently is web browsing. Perhaps it's a bad choice of mine to choose a particularly complex site as my first run:


    ... but that's the one I'm going to need to make look good on smartphones like the Droid, so it's the one I'm practicing on. ;) Some of the issues I've had so far that shouldn't be related to the site itself:

    * The URL bar on the top of the screen takes up an awful lot of the screen real estate, which is really valuable for a site like this. Is there any way to hide it?

    * I'm having a lot of trouble controlling things. Sometimes when I try to drag the map, it drags the whole web page. Sometimes when I try to drag the web page back, it drags the map. Sometimes when I double click on the map, it zooms the map; other times, it zooms the web page.

    * Speaking of zoom: is there any way to forceably bring the zoom controls up?

    There are clearly some site issues that I'm going to need to find a way to deal with -- I thought I made the buttons huge so that even on a smartphone screen they'd still be big enough to use, but they're still quite small and not very easy to click. Even the Google Maps zoom buttons themselves, which I have no control over, are tiny and hard to click. The charging sites aren't showing up for some reason (are there any good javascript debuggers for whatever browser this is?). So... work to do. :p

    Anyway, any tips you can offer would be greatly appreciated. :)