wav & MP3 files recorded on Droid cannot play on PC-help

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    I recorded MP3 files using Hi-Q recorder on a Razr Maxx and found that if I transfer the file to my PC, neither windows media or Apple ITunes can play the file. Windows media message said the file format is not supported. I also downloaded "PCM Recorder" for Droid, which records .WAV files and I had the same exact result - W.Media said the file format was not supported. Both files have a *.WAV and *.MP3 extension. The Hi-Q developer said it's possible that the file formats created on the Android may be slightly different than PC despite having the same extensions.

    Is the Droid MP3 and .WAV files different than a PC created mp3/wav files? If so, is there anyway to correct or convert the WAV or MP3 to be compatible for a PC either via software or manually editing the files??

    Part of the reason of buying a droid was avoiding having to carry a cellphone and a recording device when attending informal jam sessions.

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