Watch out for Battery program

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by chenrikson, Feb 21, 2011.

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    My Droid X suddenly began to behave strangely. I could dial out, but as soon as I put my phone up to my ear the phone would disconnect and return to the locked scren. No problem if I used speaker phone.

    Our friends at the local VZ store were able to replicate the problem. Dial the number - hold phone vertically - cover up sensor that turns off the display while you talk - bingo!! - phone shuts down and goes to locked screen.

    The fix? -- Remove the battery booster program (that may not be the correct name). Now all is back to normal. VZ also suggested that I remove the Lookout virus prevention program as that program is always active and can slow down other apps.

    I removed Lookout and the Playon program that would only run a few seconds before locking up in "buffering" mode now runs just fine. I guess tha moral here is something you all know and I am just beginning to learn -- open source programs such as we have with Android may well cause "interesting" problems.
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    I've been doing this (Android OS) for over a year now I have not heard of a single anti-virus app that doesn't cause issues sooner or later.

    Glad you got your issues worked out!!