Warning: Google L may have bugs or may not work with certain apps

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    As stated over and over since the preview release of Google L, the software is not meant for everyday use. It is a reference for developers so they can use it to prepare their apps for when Google do release the software for public consumption in the fall. Please understand that you probably will run into issues as this is an early release. Do not flash this software if you do not know how to work adb and you did not back up your device. You WILL need to prepare to flash back to 4.4.4. In fact I would like to also direct you to two more new sites who made an article on this subject. Please read before you flash Google L (The L Developer Preview will have bugs ?*here's how to deal with them | Android Central) (PSA: Guys, Android "L" Isn't A Stable Release, And Things Are Inherently Going To Be Broken).

    Since Google released the preview there have been a few people in the community causing an uproar over the "bugs". We just ask that you take a deep breath and think about your actions first. Thanks and enjoy for those of us playing with the new software.

    As for me I have used it a couple days now and it has been staple for me the few apps that do not work I have found work arounds to compensate. But I also have my note 2 as a back up device should something happen while I am out and about.
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    Thanx for the post. I'm looking forward to you future comments on it.
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