War of the Rumors: New Rumor Debunks Yesterday's Motorola 'NXT' X Phone Rumor

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    It's a battle of "he said, she said" that sounds like an angry couple going through a bad divorce. We have a new rumor for the Motorola X Phone today that supposedly completely debunks yesterday's NXT rumor. According to AusDroid, the pic above is the original and unaltered pic that was transformed into the rumored pic from our story yesterday. They have confirmed that the above pic is simply a fan render of a fictional device. That means the pic from yesterday for the NXT phone from Motorola is simply a fake of a fake. This also means the phone is still likely to be called the X Phone (unless that's just an internal codename).

    Additionally, they have a few specs that are supposedly more concrete, and also debunk the rumored specs from yesterday. Here's the scoop,

    While some of this "news" might be readily appreciated, we still find it highly suspect as well. First, it's hard not to appreciate the idea that Motorola plans to focus on better optics instead of raw MegaPixels, but we have never seen a 10MP camera in a phone before. The 5-inch display part isn't too unusual since that seems to be the trending display size du jour right now, so this is quite possible. Finally, a Qualcomm dual-core chip doesn't make much sense since they could just as easily put one of the newer quad-core Snapdragons in there.

    Regardless of the viability of these specs, we are pleased to see the truth behind the NXT rumor. While the teasing of a NXT Phone wasn't a bad marketing strategy, the name X Phone just conjures up a far more mysterious and engaging impression. There was one other tidbit of info from this cache of intel, and that is that the X Phone will likely not be arriving in Australia. Here's a quote with more detail,

    What do you guys think of this anti-rumor rumor?

    Source: AusDroid
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