Wallpaper doesn't stay; Contacts disappear, etc.

Discussion in 'LG Ally' started by Mister Q, Oct 7, 2010.

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    I've had my Ally for a week now and I do love my new phone. Unfortunately there are a few things I've noticed that concern me. 1.) After a while, the live wallpaper I set up ("Galaxy") doesn't stick and it resets itself back to the general wallpaper it was originally designated. 2.) Even though I've synced my contacts with FB, it reverted back to the original backup list from my original phone. 3.) It gets glitchy and slows down, takes a few seconds to unlock from idle.

    Now I haven't really shut down the phone (I used to do it with my Voyager when I charged but obviously I can't with the Ally because it'll power up) so maybe there's a good chance it's just the OS telling me it needs a break and be shut down to "rest"? Or should I go back to the store and have Verizon look at it?
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