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    From a stock roundup today ....
    The trend of workers bringing in their own smartphones to the office is a plus for Motorola Inc. (MOT, $8.89, +$0.32, +3.74%) and other phones using Google Inc.'s (GOOG, $533.11, -$3.01, -0.56%) Android software, and poses a challenge for Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM, $56.58, -$2.15, -3.66%) and Palm Inc. (PALM, $12.09, +$0.48, +4.13%), Citigroup said as it upgraded Motorla and cut Research in Motion and Palm, noting the shifting trend in the months ahead. Increased competition with flashier devices will weigh on RIMM's results, firm said, noting Verizon Wireless' heavy push of the Motorola Droid. Motorola should exceed expectations thanks to the carrier support and focused Android strategy. Likewise, Palm isn't expected to receive much support due to the heavy competition, Citi said.
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    Your article must have been copied during mid-day as Palm was up when you copied it but ended up down 4% for the day.

    I've been shorting PALM and RIMM a ton lately, it's been paying off huge!