Wake up phone ALWAYS goes to launcher, not Pandora

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    This is admittedly a minor annoyance, but an inconvenience when using an app like Pandora (where the thumb-up/down buttons are only accessible via the app).

    Whenever I unlock my phone, while Pandora is playing, it always unlocks to the launcher, not to the running Pandora app. With Pandora running in the foreground, the phone screens turns off. When I unlock the phone, instead of returning to the Pandora foreground app, the phone goes to the launcher (Launcher Pro) and I need to open Pandora via the Pandora launcher icon, long-press of home, or by pulling down the status bar. However, especially with Pandora, it is desirable to return directly to the app to have quick use of the thumbs-up/down buttons.

    Have I missed any Liquid or Launcher Pro settings that control this behavior?


    (Liquid 2.2 D1)
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