VZW VIP Accessory Discount to End!

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by cuskit, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Stopping in my local VZW today to check on a problem I was having (solved without their help) and I thought about buying a car mount. Knowing I have VIP status since I bought the Droid back in November - I asked how much discount I get off the normal pricing. 25%. Okay - that's pretty good. But his next sentence was not so welcome. The VIP discount will be ending on February 20th for ALL VZW CUSTOMERS!

    They are not sending out notification - you will just learn this if you happen to walk in the store and either buy or ask about an accessory.

    So, for all those that have been contemplating buying something - get your cash together before Saturday, Feb 20 because after that you will pay full price!

    He couldn't give me any reason for this - just that it was handed down to the store managers in the past couple of weeks.

    I have no verification of this other than what I was told by my local manager.

    Just saying.... :) mikey
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