Vzw nightmare with good ending

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    I have a Vzw nightmare story with a great ending....for us.
    My wife and I had separate old "More Everything" plans, and each had 3 lines for a total of 6 lines.
    She was paying $100 for 15GB and I was paying $80 for 10GB
    We joined the accounts so that we could switch to "The New Verizon Plan" so that we could get 24GB for $110.
    After joining, they had a glitch on one of the lines which was not allowing them to switch our plan. (said they've never seen this particular error code)
    Anyway, a week later my better half got ahold of a higher tier agent who tried to take the "problem child" line off the account, switch the plan (it did work) then put the problem line back on. ....DOH! The system would not allow putting that line back on the account for 24hrs!
    This really made my wife mad!
    The next day she got an even higher tier support person who got everthing straightened out.
    They gave us a total of $100 credit, and she gave us the bonus 2GB (for life) for 5 of the 6 lines. That amounts to 34GB for $110 per month.
    It was a frustrating experience, but we feel that they made it right with us.

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    That's the worst when a compute system keeps a rep from doing something that should be easy. Glad to see they took care of you and gave you something for the trouble though. That seems more and more rare with most companies these days.
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