VORTEX rom for the Galaxy Nexus?

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    A lot of us former droidxers enjoyed the Vortex rom because it extended our battery life exponentially, one of the most stable roms, great tweaks, and the "customer " support by the developer, DeVortex, was unrivaled. Whenever what is the best rom for battery life and stability is posted in a Droid X forum, Vortex is always a top contender.

    I am one of his fans who suggested that he put up a poll for which phone he should develop next, along with a dedicated paypal account to achieve that end. His contract for the X is no where over and his family won't appreciate him spending money for a phone he doesn't "need".

    For those of you who were thankful of this rom and would like to enjoy DeVorteX talent on the GN, vote for the GN and throw in a couple of bucks!

    The poll link is below. The poll only works in a browser. Tapatalk app won't recognize the code for the poll. When you click on the link or paste the url in the browser, sign onto the droidx forum and vote.


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