Vortex RC1 Please Help (all answers welcome)

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    Alright i don't want to take a bunch of your guys time and put youns to sleep, so straight to the point, i have a droid X, i have custom Rom Vortex RC1, and the camcorder on it, like it will record, than on playback, it will be skippy, than it will say "File Cannot be displayed or viewed" almost all my videos are like that, i can pause the video, than skip to a part of the video ahead of where it corrupts, and poof works, but than if the video is very long, it will corrupt throughout it multiple times, real big pain in the butt, please help. *what i have tried* Different memory cards, unchecking location tag in video settings, reset. O, and another thing, if i put it on a computer, works like a charm, just a little skippy, but also, if i put the video, on my computer, than someone elses memory card, it will work on their phone, but if i put it on my computer, delete it off my phone and put it back on my phone, it still won't work on mine! what the heck!! i have tried mx player but my phone (overclocked to 1265) is still to slow to play videos and I think they work on that. not for sure can't remember , please help thanks.
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