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    I am trying to use my VOIP phone (Broadvoice - AirDroid) on my Global Droid 2 and am having issues. I installed the app twice by now, it seems to work with wifi signal, but when I try using with 3g network it tells me "No suitable data network available".

    I called Broadvoice and the person helping me out said this is not likely a carrier issue, as he has the same carrier and uses the app w/o problems. But he could not help me any further...

    Just a bit extra info for those of you that don't know, Broadvoice is a VOIP phone and I can download the app and use my home phone on my Droid. (And it's great, I make tons on international calls and pay a fixed (low) monthly amount for unlimited calls).

    I really appreciate any help! :)

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