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    Ok so I have looked everywhere and have not found anything on the problem I am having. Just to be clear, I am using my Razr to post this but the issue is with my old X I am passing off to my daughter.

    I have been using google voice for my voice mail service for a while now. I uninstalls all of my applications from the phone and did a factory reset. The phone is rooted running CM7GB. After reset, my daughter signs in with her google account and had been setting the phone up. However, when she misses a call, she never gets notification of a voicemail.

    We then discovered that when you dial *86, it takes you to my google voice mail instead of three VZ standard voicemail. So even though google voice is not on the phone, the voicemail had been permanently hijacked by google voice.

    I have gone into settings and everything looks normal. It shows my carrier as voicemail. So, does anyone know how to reprogram this so that *86 will take her to the normal vz voicemail? I have tried everything except flashing back to stock and starting over.

    Not only does her X dual into my google voicemail but her messages show up in my google voice app on my Razr.

    Any help would be great!

    Oh, and just to add, I already tried the ##PROGRAM to go into the programming menu and the phone just disconnects and does not access the menu.

    Edit: After much frustration, I found the answer online. Just had to dial *73 from the phone to stop gv and get back to vz voicemail.

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