voicemail delays and visual voicemail app

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    so the last few voicemails ive received (i dont use my phone THAT much for calls) ive gotten them HOURS later, or even the NEXT DAY.... wtf? Why is this?
    Got a voicemail last night at 6:12, and didnt even get the notice until this morning at 8am. 14 hours later. WTF? The others have been a few hours late. why?

    Secondly, when using the visual voicemail app, when i hit play, it starts playing automatically, as in, before i can even get my phone to the ear. So in order to hear the whole message (w/o using speakerphone which is not always convenient), i have to hold my finger by the play button, bring the phone to my ear, then hit the button. I look like a retard. Is there a setting to change that that i cant find or what?
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