Voice Dial shows 100% useless results...

Discussion in 'Droid 4 Tech Support' started by FlameSoulis, Jul 4, 2012.

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    I finally manned up and got a Droid 4 (I still love my Droid 1, who I now use as an MP3 player and PDA) after being fed up with my regular phone (a non-smart phone). When operating the voice dialer, the regular phone did not have email addresses in it, but now that my Droid 4 has my whole Google Contacts, which is filled to the brim because of newsletters I get, when I say 'Call Dad Mobile 1' it somehow thinks I want to send an email to amazon...

    My main question is that I see I can, in my contacts, hide contacts that do NOT have any phone numbers related to them, so can I do the same to the voice dialer system or do I need to continue asking Iris to do my phone call goodness (who seems to do a far better job so far)?

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