Vlingo SuperDialer Comes to Android

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    July 15th, 2010 by Michael Murphy


    Vlingo is a popular voice-to-text app that has been available on several platforms for quite some time now.

    And it just got a little bit cooler. Vlingo has just added in a “SuperDialer” to that app that will combine voice searching with voice dialing, kinda like the Genius button on the MyTouch3G. Launch the SuperDialer and tell it what kind of establishment you want to call, and it will search, give you choices (if necessary), and place the call for you.

    Let’s face it…we all use our phones while we’re driving. At least with the openness of Android, developers can come up with cool apps like this to make that easier and safer.

    You can grab Vlingo: Words to Action from the market via the QR code below for $9.99.
    [via: IntoMobile]