Vivo or will launch higher level photographed new flagship smartphone !

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    In the past march flagship phones reached a small high tide, OPPO FIND7, SONY Z2, samsung S5 and Nubia X6, IUNI U2 released in succession, now vivo also announced outward, after Vivo Xplay 3S and X3S, will pushed to new "extreme" product, without a doubt, here comes a new flagship.


    The picture above the emergence of a large camera, almost certainly the launch will be the main photo of new products. Now everyone in vivo the deepest impression is the HI - FI phone, this time or will be caused a storm in the photographed mobile phone market.

    according to the news ,Vivo new products would belong to the new photo series, will strengthen the camera. Rendering products high vivo style in this picture, this machine has two groups of flash light, can see on the camera left and right sides of the Lord, at the same time around the back metallic simple sense is strong, and is likely to use a combination of popular double-sided glass + metal, at the time of Vivo Xplay 3S near release, officials have released a use double-sided corning three generations of the gorilla glass photo, adopt the design the possibility of ascension.

    Although before vivo Xplay3S and eight core ultra-thin HI-FI product X3S does not give priority to with pictures, but the pictures of the above two products specifications are not weak, are all f/1.8 large aperture, the next upcoming new product will be stronger.

    Spread out the vivo new rendering photographs (unconfirmed) :



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