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    Would you pay $0.99-$2.99 for in-app premium content or download an iPhone / iPad / Android app / get a cup of coffee to get it :) - which one would you prefer?

    According to this TapJoy study...yes your gut feeling hasn’t let you down - the latter! People indeed prefer not to pay extra for an app whenever they have a chance to get it in return to something else but not paying from their pocket. Essentially mobile economy is heading to a barter, as simple as that.

    Now the question is how relevant are those incentives offered to people in return for a content they essentially want to get? It’s one thing when you’re getting something, which is really useful for you and the other - if you just do it because this is the way for you not to spend money. Or let’s put it another way - do I become a valuable customer for an app developer when I download his app as a reward or I delete it in a minute or so because actually I don’t need it?
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