Viper4Android Arrives On The S6 / S6 Edge

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    Audiophiles rejoice! Viper4Android is finally here for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. If you spend any time at all listening to music on your phone you will want to consider checking out this app as it can greatly improve the quality of audio coming out of your device. Viper4Android includes Viper DDC (nearly HIFI sound from your headphones), Spectrum Extension, Speaker Optimization, Viper Fidelity Control (Bass control, Clarity), Headphone surround, and much more!

    You will need to be rooted for this to work. You will also need busybox installed on your phone. You will then need to download the file and make a few adjustments to your system folder. Head to the link below for full instructions and download links.

    via XDA
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