Viper10 Released For The HTC 10!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, May 23, 2016.

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    The HTC 10 is pretty much a standard flagship device. HTC really played it safe here. There is nothing to complain about with this device which is a pretty big deal for HTC since the last few devices were plagued with problems. There is also nothing to get overly excited about with the device.

    While there are no real groundbreaking features here you can get excited over the fact that this device is super developer friendly. All variants have been bootloader unlocked with S-OFF at this point which means you will be able to run whatever firmware you like on this device.

    The Rom we have all been waiting for is finally here! Team Venom has been painstakingly working on the Viper10 Rom for the HTC 10. They finally have a stable build for release. This rom series has been one of the most popular mainly thanks to the overwhelming amounts of customization options. Features include Venom Tweaks, Venom HUB, Venom OTA, Venom PIE, Theming, Button Management, and more! Head to the link below for the download.

    via Venomroms

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