Viewsonic G Tablet: Need Tips

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    I just purchased a Viewsonic G Tablet from Amazon for $299...I have heard great things about it and have done some research. I was going to get a used ipad 1st gen for about the same price but I really want to root & do a lot of customizing more than what the ipad allows...

    I have read the articles on rooting/flashing ROMS for it on XDA & android Central. I already have a OG Droid rooted running UD3.1.1 and loving every minute of it! I want to do something similar with the gTab.

    I have looked into ROMS to flash onto the gTab & it seems two stand out the most: CM7 and VEGAn....I am somewhat familiar with CM7 since when I was looking for ROMs for my Droid it was one of the more popular ones. VEGAn I don't know much about but it seems the reviews are mostly high praise for speed & battery life...I would like options like on UD (overclocking, etc)

    For anyone who has a G Tablet what ROMs are you using & why? Any others I should look into (I know about TnT Lite but it is retired so I prefer not to use that one. I am waiting for Honeycomb to become more stable before trying it...that is the main one I want to strive for!

    Any other tips I should know about the G Tablet? I am so excited & can't wait to get it delivered Monday!

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