videos no longer play on RAZR maxx

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by rags_to_razr_maxx, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I tried searching the forums but couldn't find my exact situation. I've had my RAZR maxx for about a month and up until a few days ago had no issues. But now i can't get any videos to play. I get the spinning circle and it says loading, but nothing ever happens and i eventually have to force close the browser or app. I first noticed it on espn score center app, then on youtube also. That's really the only videos i watch so not sure about any other sites or formats. I have ICS (waiting on jellybean) and haven't done any updates or anything else that i can think of. I had a Motorola barrage before, so I'm new to smart phones. Any suggestions are welcome, and please dumb it down for this newbie. Thanks!

    *Update - well not sure why, but videos are playing again. Turned my phone off last night before going to bed and when i turned it on this morning to check espn, videos played with no issues.
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