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    I don't know what you call it, stuttering? I took some video with my phone and noticed at times some freezes while watching the recording back. Basically the video would pause for a split second, then run fast as if it was trying to play "catch up". The video was being recorded to my SD card. My battery at the time was at 40%

    I also made a thread a little while ago commenting on how good the video quality was, overall. That was close up. This video that I speak of, however was further away and I had to zoom in. I don't know if I was on the wrong setting, but it wasn't nearly as clear, or if the lens is only great with a close-up shot.

    Let me be clear on a few things. Both videos were taken AFTER I updated to ICS through USB. I'm currently on .211 and never updated to .214, nor .215. I'm not rooted.

    That said, what would cause video stuttering? Would I have better luck using internal storage vs the SD card? My Mini SD card is a class 10 32 GB card. Do I need to clear some junk out of my phone? Should I Power Off, then Power On my phone before taking video?
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