Video Conversion: Acceptable bitrates

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    I have previously converted videos for my Thunderbolt, using AVS Video Converter.

    I am going to start converting stuff for my razr HD Maxx.
    The default profile for it (or close enough) is (H.264, 1280x720, 24fps)

    I converted 3 files, 2 avis (717M each), 1 mp4 (551M).

    I ended up with 3 mp4s, 2.2G each.


    I am assuming this is tied to the bitrate, which in the above mentioned profile defaults to 3200.
    When I point to the 1st of those 3 mentioned above, it says the Max File Size is 4.32 GB.

    What it is the best way of reducing this bloat. Obviously, its manipulating the bitrate.

    So have people noticed a good default? say 1200 or 1600 or something?

    Any thoughts?