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    Hello everyone! In about 10 hours I will be the proud owner of the HTC Incredible :icon_ banana: I've been reading leaks, rumors, and any other news I could find on the HDI since I found it a little over a month ago. Luckily I didn't find it back in Dec when the leaks started. Our contract is up and I was going to settle of the :motdroidhoriz: Moto Droid, but a friend turned me onto the N1. Reading stuff on it lead me to the HDI. For the next few hours I have an LG Voyager. I picked it based on reviews and features, and it's served me well. I love the TV feature, and until one of the last browser updates it surfed the web pretty good. Personally I can't stand Bing. That's one thing MS could have kept. Meanwhile I'm super excited about the HDI:icon_ banana: and I can not wait to get my mits on it. I hope to pick up a lot of good tips and tricks here, and possibly offer some advice when I figure out a little more about Android:greendroid:.

    Oh yeah, I was settling for the Moto because I was all excited about it when it released then I got to touch it. That was pretty much the end of the excitement for me. Even though I have a phys KB on the LGV, I didn't like the Moto at all. The slider, the KB feel, the look, but it was the best on Big Red and very similar to what I had. I really feel like I dodged a bullet by having to wait for my NE2 to kick in. Now the dream is soon to be realized.:yahoo: