Victory & Loss for Samsung Against Apple in the Courtroom as the Drama Rages On

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    The appeals court fight between Samsung and Apple is well underway now. It looks like both sides have scored a victory and a loss in the new appeals trial which is still ongoing. First, Apple convinced Judge Lucy Koh to award more in damages than had been previously determined. She awarded Apple $929.8 million in damages from Samsung. It's still a bit less than the original $1.1 Billion from before, but is considerably more than the $450 Million it had dropped to. This was a stinging loss for Samsung (in the context of the courtroom).

    Samsung isn't empty-handed in this particular fight though. Apple also argued that the monetary damages alone ”are not an adequate remedy,” and sought to have over twenty older Samsung devices banned in the United States. Judge Koh rejected this argument.

    There's still another court-room fight between the two juggernauts. Apple and Samsung will face off in Koh's court again later this month. Apple is trying to get damages and a banning for some newer devices, including the Galaxy SIII. Industry speculation expects that fight to end with similar results. We will let you know the final outcome (assuming this saga ever reaches a conclusion).

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