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Discussion in 'ChevyNo1' started by DaDroidDude, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Hi All.

    I rooted and installed Simply Stunning.
    I like it for the most part.
    It's faster but there have been a few lock ups and reboots.

    One thing that's particularly bothersome is that, all of the sudden, the D1 won't vibrate when I get an email.
    I use K9 mail and it worked fine until a few days ago.
    When I set the vibration pattern the phone vibrates relative to the chosen pattern, but it won't vibrate when I get an email.
    I also set one account to make a sound when mail arrived. No dice.

    I'm not finding a global setting for this so I'm not sure what happened.

    Also, I'm a newB to this rooting thing.
    How do I get ROM updates from the Dev?
    Do I have to keep up on this forum and manually install them?

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    Can't answer the question about your email issue but about updates I can.

    You can either keep up here on the forum and wait, or you can download and install ROM Manager (free in market) and it has settings you can set to where you will get a notification when your ROM has an update available. However, the developer will have to upload their update to ROM Manager in order for you to get it. Sometimes, it gets posted here before it goes to ROM Manager so most people just keep up on the forums.

    Again, sorry I can't help with the email issue but I've never used K9 mail.