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    :mad::mad:I got the Stratosphere at Best Buy, I have been with Verizon for some time and use FIOS as well a 4 play package; that part is ok . The phone will not pick up the WIFI connection all the time and when it does it displays both the 4glte and the conical symbol it does say it's connected. I called Support this morning. Getting message internal server error. Well that is gone the tech guy walked me thorough it we un mounted the sd card and did a complete restart . Lost all the apps those are replaceable and knew this was going top happen. However the issue is not repaired phone is less than 30 days old. It get s worse went to check the gallery on restart lost all the pictures some were very valuable to me. I lost my companion of 13 years a short time ago and only pictures I had of her had just transferred them to the phone. so the unmount SD is broken or never worked not monetary loss but a heartfelt loss. Verizon says they are sorry he sounded as if he was I am pretty devastated. So message is gone however wifi and gte on simultaneously My usage just doubled + restarting the phone and loss the pictures. Adding insult to injury the Backup assist file was corrupt some how and I get the contact names and in complete phone numbers. That was an issue two years ago and told it was an LG issue I don't buy it as far as I am concerned nice resolution, sound is good but overall this new phone is GARBAGE and I am sorry from Verrizon just does not cut it. I did write Verizon the tech wrote Samsung and the error still exist and the pictures do not. I cannot recommend this phone stay clear