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    Hello everyone
    I'm extreamly new to all of the newest phones, but have decided to start researching, which I have done for two weeks now and I have decided to buy a droid phone. My contract ends with AT&T on the 24th of this month. I did spend 2 hours with them beginning of last week for them to explain to me about the smartphones. They didn't have any hooked up for me to try out, but did explain to me how they work. I'm pretty much a hands on type of person, so that really didn't help me with making a decision. I did do alot of research on internet and that did narrow down what I am looking for. Now yesterday I went to best buy and looked at all their phones, but no one asked me if I needed any help. After 1 hour I left and went to Verizon. The lady there was extreamly helpful and put in my hands the Motorola Droid. I thought I died and went to heaven. I was so blown away with this phone and what it could do. I am in no way a savy experienced electronic type of person. I'm a grandmother who is going to be 63, but still loves life and I want to be able to keep up with my grandchildren and their new gagets. Well after I probably said OMG several hundred times, she put the Incredible in my hands. By this point, I am a little overwhelmed, but also love this one too. They are both so wonderful, so which one do I buy. Its definately will be one of these two. I definately want one that I can easily text on. I'm old school as far as having a keyboard that is similar to the keyboard on my computer. I love the fact that there is voice activation. I thought that was so cool. I have a new england accent, so it might not understand me though, because we don't pronunce the "r" . I love taking pictures and the ability to send them. I take alot outdoors, especially when I go to bike rallys, or to the beach. And to get on the web is truly amazing. So there you have it. I love to talk, text, take pictures and surf the web. The question is which one should I get? From this forum, I did get to read alot of your threads, so if I could get some advise, I would certainly appreciate it. I'm very excited about getting a new Droid. Thanks everyone and have a Great Day!!!!