Very Confused! (Liberty Load)

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    First I am a droid newbie, I want to make that clear. Put me in front of any PC and I can fix about any problem; but this droid has me very confused and frustrated.
    I have had this phone for about 7 months (Droid X). I was quite happy with it until one of the people I work with brought his in using the "Liberty" ROM.
    I went on line and did some homework and decided to root my phone and try "Liberty".
    First I got Z4 to root my phone with.
    Then I bought bootstrapper to back up the phone, backup went fine.
    Then I downloaded "Liberty" and installed it.
    Things seemed to be going fine until reboot of phone.
    At reboot I got into a Liberty boot loop.
    At that point I posted my problem on here and luckily had some help to get me back up and running (thanks to whoever provided the information).
    Now my phone (on boot-up) shows the Liberty logo for about 20 seconds, then shows the normal droid boot up logo, and boots fine.
    Now that I have bored you with the background information here is my question.
    How do I get my phone back to original factory settings, and after that can I safely format my SD card and start over?
    I ran my bootstraper back-up which got me into the liberty logo situation.
    I really want to try Liberty, but my phone and I have different opinions on whether this is going to go well.
    I don't want to give up, but I don't want to brick it either.
    Any and all input is appreciated, love the phone but I think I would love it more from what I saw of my coworker running Liberty.

    Thanks In Advance: