Verizon’s Fascinate Makes an Appearance

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    We have an ongoing poll in our forums on if Verizon will release their Galaxy S phone, the Fascinate. Up until now there hasn’t been much coverage on this handset mainly because there hasn’t been any news. Our friends over at Phandroid managed to get their hands on the screenshot you see above. It still doesn’t pin a release date for the phone but at least we can see that it is headed for their inventory.

    Verizon was one of the original launch partners for the Nexus One. Their version never released, they advised their customers to pick up the Incredible instead. There’s no doubt that the Galaxy s line has been huge sellers for their respective carriers. Verizon may still opt out of their deal with Samsung to release this device. We expect to either see it released or some official word about it sometime in November.

    Until then, head to the forums and voice your opinion on if you think it’ll be released or not. We’d love to hear what your thoughts are.

    [via phandroid]
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