Verizon Samsung S4 Unknown Meid Issue

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    Hello! I'm at a complete loss here with a friend's phone. I am looking to see if anyone has ANY idea on what to do!

    He owns a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon) running stock 4.3. The warranty will not cover it due to a cracked screen. A week or so ago his phone wanted to do a firmware update and he let it go like usual. Mind you, this guy does not root or do anything fancy with his phones like some of us do. The phone rebooted itself and the signal disappeared, no calls, no texts and the wifi hardly works. We've done hard rests multiple times, it will not recognize any SIM card I put in it. (I have the S4 also and switched his SIM into my phone to try it out and put mine is his phone). Neither would activate on his phone. I have tried KEIS and even ODIN. The programs successfully went through, but the results are still the same. No service and no MEID or IMEID- it's still UNKNOWN.

    The saving grace at one point was the insurance, however it's been a HUGE headache! When we called in to make a claim they did not see his black S4 on their software. it's so weird. It shows all his previous phones dates and where he purchased the S4 is not there. so there's a 6month blank period in their software! They see my phone on list instead- from when I put his SIM in my white S4. They want to put my phone on the lost and stolen list- what a bother. To them- it's like his S4 never existed.

    At this point in time, he borrowed a friends extravert until this whole thing gets solved. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the MEID back on his S4?
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