Verizon prepaid Flashing Help needed

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    Hi all and moderators,

    If this thread is not posted in the correct forums, please move it to the correct forum and let me know, I will do in that, from the next time. Since I'm new here and I looked all the way to the bottom, but, I did not find any, which will suit my needs. So I'm going ahead. Sorry for that.

    ok. Basically, I have a Verizon Modem, 4G LTE 5510L.
    I'm not using it for almost 5 months. So I wanted to do a experiment.
    Since I already have a Unlimited LTE Plan from verizon, my Base Internet is not disturbed. This is what i want to do just for fun and to learn new things.
    I want to do flashing.

    I have a old, Motorola Flip Phone, Verizon - Razr V3M.
    I don't know whether I can use it for flashing as a Donor or not???

    I downloaded the cracked version of CDMA Workshop.
    Almost 1.5 years back, I flashed the Boost Samyo Incognito to the HTV EVO 4G. and with that experience I'm plannig to go ahead with this thing.

    so my question is, can I use the Motorola Razr V3M as a donor to flash 5510L???
    Or else, I cannot do that, Only a Samsung and LG basic, Flip Phones only work as a Donor Phones for flashing to Verizon Prepaid.

    Thank You.

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    How are you flashing a iDEN phone on to a CDMA system? Those two are not even close in data, timing, or channel separation and channel pairing?
    iDEN does not use the same protocols, and is incompatible with CDMA overhead data and site management.

    TDMA and CDMA can not coexist, their data handling is different, as are the frequency reuse maps and RSSI levels. iDEN runs their transmitters at full power to the guard band, CDMA does not.
    Channel steering is also a different 'animal' between the two services as well.
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