Verizon Offers an LG G5 BOGO Promo

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, May 9, 2016.

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    It looks like Big Red has a big sale on the LG G5. They are offering up a Buy One Get One free deal on the new flagship from LG. Here's a quote with the scoop,

    "If you’re a new or existing customer, simply add two lines to your plan. If you already purchased an LG G5 (within 14 days), just add one new line to take advantage of this offer. You’ll make monthly device payments on both phones, but the second is free after you receive your Visa gift card.
    1. Add two LG G5 smartphones with monthly device payments to your cart. Complete the checkout process and order your two smartphones. No promo code should be submitted at this time.
    2. Visit with your order confirmation details and use promo code G5-APRILPROMO to complete the redemption process.
    3. Receive your Visa prepaid gift card within 8-10 weeks by mail."
    This promo is only running for a couple of days and ends on May 11th, so you may want to check it out pronto. Here's a link: Verizon
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    I was all over this promotion a few weeks back when they offered it on the G7...until I saw the "add two lines to your plan" part. :( I seem to remember from the fine print that the lines have to stay open for like 4 or 6 months. If you could close an old line and port the number to the new line it would be great, but no reason for many to add a completely new line just to get the deal.

    EDIT: Yep, "Lines must remain active for 6 mos." At ~$50/month for the two lines (assuming I can add them to our existing plan) for 6 months, that's full price for the first phone and $300 for second one. A good deal but far from BOGO.

    Or did I miss an angle on this?

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