Verizon Mandatory Data for Non Smart Phones

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    Got the bill in the mail today. There are 2 phones on the same line, the Motorola Droid, and the Envy 3. Of course the Droid had the $30 data charge, however, the Envy 3 also had a $10 data/email charge. I called verizon to figure out why this charge was there, and the Customer Service Rep (who wasn't nice at all, by the way) told me that they implemented this in January. Most non-smart phones now have required data package of $10 or more. It is funny that she said it was implemented in January, because this is the first bill with it being displayed. I then called back later on, and asked to speak to a Supervisor. He told me (but was much nicer) that it is required for most non-smart phones now, because there were to many customers using data, and not knowing they were being charged per use.

    He told me that if I want to continue having the Envy 3 on my line, it will still be charged, no matter what. The only other option would be to order another phone. He suggested the LG Cosmos, which would be free if you order online (No Mail-in Rebate). He said there was a total of $20 charged for the data, and he would waive that fee.

    Kind of crappy that you have to pay for DATA, on a non smart phone, even if you never plan on using it.
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