Verizon is Attempting to Lease Spectrum from ClearWire

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    If you thought the Sprint and SoftBank merger couldn't become even more complicated, you would be mistaken. There's a new wrinkle in the plan and it comes from Verizon. Let's just recap to keep everything organized,
    1. The Japanese carrier SoftBank announced it planned to buy a 70% stake in Sprint and provide an influx of investment funds to help the company grow more powerful and competitive in the U.S. mobile landscape.
    2. Sprint announced plans to purchase the remaining shares in their wireless partner ClearWire.
    3. Sprint investors whined that the deal to merge with SoftBank needed to be better. (These issues were mostly worked out.)
    4. ClearWire investors whined that the deal for Sprint to buy ClearWire needed to be better. (These issues have not been worked out.)
    5. DISH announces a counter-offer to buyout all of Sprint for a 13% better price than SoftBank's offer.
    6. Here's the new player joining the stand-off = Verizon is trying to make a deal with ClearWire to lease spectrum from them.
    Here's a quote with the major details,

    While it is possible this deal with Verizon could end up not adding much complication to the overall merger process, if everything else goes through (except the DISH bid), the result would be rather ironic. Ultimately it would mean that Verizon will be leasing Spectrum from Sprint.

    Source: Wall Street Journal
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