Verizon ICS irritations

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by cfaber, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Well it's been a few days now from upgrading / rooting to new ICS 4.0.4 and I've got to say it's got a lot of nice features. That said there's still some very annoying bits which I really wish motorola / verizon would focus on.

    1) All the bloat (services) burns up the battery even faster now (I use TB to freeze them out)

    2) Still no fix for the mess that is the automatic routing between wifi and 3G/4G

    3) Re-orient from portrait to landscape mode seems much less reliable and noticeably slower

    4) GPS icon seems very unreliable, sometimes it's there when it's in use, other times it's not.

    5) Wifi connectivity seems MUCH MUCH slower. It was megabytes a second transfer, now it's just a few hundred KBps with huge latency (1000+ ms without transferring anything).

    So this is what I've noticed so far, and the only really annoying thing is number 2 and 5. These issues are incredibility frustrating as it results in network timeouts of email, browsing apps, skype, etc.

    I've verified the performance of the Wifi over and over again as I've found keeping a constant 1 second ping going to the primary wifi ap gateway IP seems to help the automatic routing maintain the correct routing table, that said, it still doesn't explain why I'm seeing such huge ping times.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to trying things.
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