Verizon HTC One M9 Bootloader Unlocked and S-Offed

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    TheRoot.Ninja just released an update for the SunShine S-Off/Bootloader Unlock tool! This brings SunShine up to version 3.3. This update specifically includes the S-Off and Bootloader Unlock for the Verizon HTC One M9 on the latest firmware. With this you will be able to easily root your M9, flash roms, and other mods. This essentially turns your phone into a developer edition!

    The SunShine app will set you back $25. The fee is an in app purchase. The app will verify that your device is compatible before asking you to pay the license fee. Once paid the app will continue to fully S-Off and Bootloader Unlock your phone automatically. The cost allows developers of the app to purchase development phones. On average it takes 20+ bricked phones to get a working method for each device and firmware version. This means hundreds of devices are needed. As you can imagine the cost for such development can be pretty huge. The fee ensures that development is able to continue for future devices and firmware updates! Grab this app from the link below.

    via TheRoot.Ninja
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